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Brownwood Park Final Vision Plan

The final Brownwood Final Plan was approved by the Steering Committee and was formally presented to EACA, SAND and the NPU-W community groups.


An ad-hoc committee formed by EACA, consisting of volunteers and representatives from surrounding neighborhoods, worked closely with Park Pride to guide the effort. Park Pride is a non-profit organization dedicated to involving the community in enhancing the quality of life through the protection and improvement of parks and green space.
Brownwood Park has been selected as one of the first to undergo Park Pride’s Park Visioning Program. With this program, Park Pride facilitates community involvement and input to develop a Conceptual Vision Plan for selected City of Atlanta parks. The Conceptual Vision Plan will be used to help prioritize improvements, provide a framework for their implementation, and raise funds for the work.

No funds for implementing the new plan are included with the Visioning Program, so any construction of the plan will require securing funds from other sources. However, the City of Atlanta has approved an undetermined amount of bond-related financing for some of the work. These monies can and will be used as an incentive to raise further matching funds as fundraising begins.

This is an encouraging opportunity to envision Brownwood Park as a world-class greenspace, and your ideas and input are wanted!

Brownwood Park Archive

View Brownwood Base Map 071105.

For those wanting more detailed information and refinements related to these plans please see the below supplements created by Frawley Associates.







* .pdf files require the free Acrobat Reader

Mary YetterMary Yetter – Parks and Green Space Committee

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