Land Use and Zoning

EACA’s Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) Committee functions as the Association’s liaison for development-related activities within the EACA area, seeking to improve the quality of the East Atlanta community’s built environment, as well as its quality of life. The Committee guides EACA’s positions on real estate development applications, and shepherds special projects which support the statement above.
Committee Activities include but are not limited to:

  1. Participation on the City’s Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) W LUZ Committee to evaluate various development applications submitted to the City of Atlanta’s Office of Planning for land within the EACA area.
  2. Act as primary liaison to applicants and/or their representatives for EACA.
  3. Coordinate and manage the presentations of applications to EACA by applicants and/or their representatives; The Committee Chair (or stand-in) conducts the Association’s formal vote to record the level of support for applications, should one be required.
  4. Ensure that the results of any formal vote are communicated to the NPU-W Chairperson.
  5. Attend NPU-W meetings to represent EACA’s interests, particularly on applications or activities on which EACA has recorded a vote.
  6. Attend various City of Atlanta zoning-related board or City Council meetings to ensure that EACA’s interests are well-represented.
  7. Assist resident homeowners with information about the Variance Application process, should they seek modifications to their home or lot which require variance from the City’s Zoning Ordinance.
  8. Uphold and defend current zoning and land use regulations and formal community-approved vision documents (i.e. Master Plans) within the EACA area (City of Atlanta and unincorporated DeKalb County)
  9. Undertake special zoning- or land use-related projects which seek to improve or defend the East Atlanta community’s quality of planning, development, and general built environment.
  10. Serve as general subject expert on land use and zoning issues to EACA.

East Atlanta Village Streetscape Master Plan, phase 2

Zoning Applications

  • For consideration at the EACA meeting on December 9, 2014
    • Variance request at 1619 Braeburn Dr; side yard setback reduction to allow for a one-story addition to a single-family home. The addition will be in line with the home’s existing side wall.
    • Rezoning request at 1761 Glenwood Ave, from R-LC to R4; this is the new subdivision being built across from BPA. While the subdivision plats and most of the building permits have already been approved, apparently the fact that a small portion of the land is zoned R-LC escaped the developers and city administrators’ attention. This request aligns the zoning of that small area (R-LC) to R-4, which is the zoning for the surrounding area.
  • For consideration at the EACA meeting on November 11, 2014

Andy Schneggenburger – Land Use & Zoning Committee

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