City of Atlanta

City Council

To learn more about the Atlanta City Council, see its website. Council Members are the elected advocates for the residents of Atlanta. In East Atlanta, residents of the City are represented by Council Member Archibong, the At-Large Members of the Council and the Council President.

Hon. Natalyn Archibong – District Five

Hon. Michael Bond – Post 1 At-Large

Hon. Mary Norwood – Post 2 At-Large

Hon. Andre Dickens – Post 3 At-Large

Hon. Ceasar Mitchell – Council President


East Atlanta is also represented by NPU-W.  Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) are citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, land use, and other planning issues. Established in 1974, the 25 NPUs are designed to provide an opportunity for citizen participation in government, specifically with the Atlanta Strategic Action Plan. To see a map of the City Council districts and the NPUs, click here.

NPU-W which represents Grant Park, the six SAND neighborhoods, and East Atlanta –meets at 7:30 pm, every fourth Wednesday of the month at Martha Brown United Methodist Church. However, in November and December, NPU-W meets on the second Wednesday of those months.

The NPU-W agenda is always published in advance. NPU-W uses a hybrid representative system of governance — there are 24 elected members from representative neighborhoods; however, any resident may appoint themselves to serve as at At-Large Member by attending three NPU-W meetings within a 12-month period and thus obtaining voting rights.  Contact Edward Gilgor, NPU-W Chairperson, with questions.

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