What is the East Atlanta Adopt-A-Street Program?

The East Atlanta Adopt-A-Street program is similar in concept to the Adopt-A-Highway program operated by many states, counties, and organizations across the U.S. It enables interested businesses, groups, schools, organizations, or individuals to adopt a section of one of many East Atlanta streets.
In return for conducting scheduled clean-ups of that stretch of street a minimum of once/month, the sponsors are recognized with signage located at the beginning of their designated street section.

Our Mission

The East Atlanta Adopt-A-Street mission is to provide a way for concerned citizens, businesses, and groups to actively participate in enhancing East Atlanta’s appearance and cleanliness.  The program enables our community and civic organizations, private businesses and churches to participate directly by enhancing the overall appearance of our neighborhood and streets.

Acknowledgement & Recognition

Participants in the East Atlanta Adopt-A-Street program will be recognized on signage located at the beginning of their adopted street.


In recognition of you commitment to the East Atlanta Community, the EACA’s East Atlanta Adopt-a-Street Program Coordinator will install two signs on the adopted street after the first successful clean-up. The first sign placed contains the adopt-a-street logo. The second sign placed indicates the adopter’s or sponsors name.  Sample of Adopt A Street signage


Who can adopt?
Any interested group or citizen that has the enthusiasm and dedication to make East Atlanta a cleaner and better place to live. We welcome:

  • Individual Businesses and Business Organizations
  • Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Community and Civic Organizations
  • Church Groups

If I adopt my street, what are my obligations?
By adopting your street, you agree to a one or two year commitment to remove litter along your adopted section of street at least once per month. You agree to submit the reporting form after each clean up and report any issues to the EACA Adopt a Street Committee. As the adopter of your street, you are encouraged to monitor regularly.

Adopt Street Guidelines
Adopt a Street Agreement

If you are interested in adopting a street in East Atlanta, please contact

Adopt A Street Reporting Form

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