The Transportation Committee considers all matters concerning transportation in East Atlanta and makes recommendations to the EACA membership.<

Joe PeeryJoe Peery – Transportation Committee

Joe has lived in Atlanta since the early 1990’s, and in East Atlanta since 2008. His wife, Rebecca, has been involved as an officer with EACA since 2010.

He is an illustrator and animation director by trade, since graduating from Portfolio Center in 1984. Joe has worked in several animation studios, including Turner Studios where he was a senior animation director from 2001-2009. Since then Joe has been freelancing for my company, Art at Joes LLC –

Joe enjoys playing music, both electric and upright bass as well as drums. He currently play in two bands, Floating Coats (eclectic rock) and Penny Serenade (early jazz). He also enjoys mountain biking and hiking, and has developed a passion to help create a park and bike path south of EAV.

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